Address: 1060 Main St, Andrews, NC 28901
Phone: (828) 321-1600

We have created hand crafted wines using the best grapes form our vineyard and our vineyard partners.  Our winery harnesses the power of the sun just like ferns do to grow.  The winery is located on the crest of a hill in the Snowbird Mountains, Cherokee County NC. Our vineyard is on steep slope below the winery.

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3335 Cobb Parkway NW Ste 930

Acworth, GA 30101




A Broken Anchor symbolizes letting go of your inhibitions, and what better way to do that than with wine! ​As a Navy Veteran, the anchor is very symbolic for our family as well and we wanted to include it in our business since it has been such a large part of our lives.  ​We are bringing the first urban Micro Winery to Acworth, Georgia and applying the same principles and commitment gained from service and experience to our wine making. We want to transport the winery experience to a close and convenient setting. We are producing wine onsite as well as partnering with other Georgia Wineries to sell their wine. We are striving for a nice laid back and comfortable setting that will feel like sitting in your living room sipping with old friends.  ​We offer wine by the taste (1 oz), glass or bottle. This gives guests the chance to try more wines and really learn about wines while also developing their own preferences and expanding their palate. Come on in and make some Pour Decisions!


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Shezmu Cellars is an urban winery producing local honey-wines (mead) while also pouring 30 taps of craft beer and over 25 wines from North Georgia wine country. Shezmu Cellars believes mead doesn’t have to be a sweet dessert wine and focuses on producing exceptionally sessionable dry meads served carbonated, nitrogenated, and still. Available as a venue for private events, the Marietta winery hosts regular live music, art exhibits and comedy shows among the occasional themed party.

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