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This year, a Community Youth Art Fair will be held the weekend of May 15-17, as part of the 

"Bringing The Sea To The Springs Seafood Festival

in downtown Powder Springs at the new park and Hardy Family Automotive Group Amphitheater. Participating schools include Compton and Varner Elementary Schools, Tapp Middle School, and McEachern High School, as well as area home-school students.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to encourage our students’ artistic abilities and showcase their talents to the community!  You will find the information your students will need to enter their artwork into the Community Youth Art Fair below.

1. Community Youth Art Fair Ribbon Categories:  Ribbons will be awarded by school and by student in the following grade groupings:  K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.  Home school student artwork will be placed in the appropriate grade level grouping.  

2. Rules and Helpful Hints for Students lists the rules for the Art Fair and requirements for displaying the artwork.  The hints may answer questions about originality and how the artwork will be judged. 

The link below (Youth Art Fair Registration) will take you to the forms needed for students to register for the Community Youth Art Fair.  These include the Community Youth Art Fair School Registration Forms and the Judging Cards. 

The list of students is preliminary and may be changed without contacting us. Please make every effort to return the registration forms to by May 5, 2020, so the correct number of judges will be on hand. If a significant number of projects are registered late, we may not have enough judges to critique them..

Please make a copy of the Judging Card for each artist, and make sure one is attached to each piece. 

Rules and Helpful Hints for Students

A. Original Artwork Only Each entry must be an ORIGINAL work of art. Works made from kits will not be judged! A kit includes directions and materials and does not allow you to make decisions. An example of a kit is a model set purchased in a box that includes directions and all the pieces necessary.

B.Patterns may be used and Must be attached to the judging card; without the pattern attached it won’t be judged. A pattern includes directions, but you are responsible for choosing and acquiring materials.

C.Exact Copies of photos, pictures and other previously published materials are not considered original works of art and are against Copyright Laws. If you use pictures by other people, change them so they look different.

D. NO CARTOONS will be accepted.

2.Group Projects

A.Have some fun with family and friends. You may work in a group of 2 to 4 friends, or one family member.

B.Group projects must follow same guidelines and will be judged the same way as individual projects. However, judges will expect more from a group than an individual.

3.Judging Cards

A.  MUST attach the card to your work(s) of art. Stapled, tied, taped, etc; as long as it is on the piece.

B. Works without a card will NOT be judged.


A. Two-Dimensional pieces MUST be matted with poster board, mat board or other heavy paper so the artwork can be hung on a wall. Construction paper is not heavy enough. The mat itself may be decorated.  Works not matted will NOT be judged.

B.The cut opening should be smaller than your artwork to allow for overlapping.


A. Judging the Artwork

1. Artwork will be judged Friday, May 15 by a panel of qualified judges.

2. All eligible entries will receive a rating of Superior, Good, or Fair and a brief written critique on the judging card.

3.The purpose of this critique is to provide beneficial evaluation, and help the artist grow and improve.

4.Students will also receive a certificate and ribbon for all eligible entries.

B. Special Awards

1.The judges will select some projects for special awards called: “The Judges’ Choice Award.”  These are often a project that show exceptional technique or creativity.



Please don’t hesitate to call Marge Davenport  (678-327-4261) or e-mail if you have any questions.

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